Crochet and Needle Felted Design

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I hand make all of my blankets, crocheting them with love, adoring the thought that they will keep someone cosy and warm.


The blankets are mostly stitched using a double crochet stitch (UK stitches) to minimise the size of the loops between the stitches. This allows the blankets to be suitable for babies - minimilising the risk of baby's toes getting caught in the loops.


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and Crochet Items for the Home


Sympathising with the environment, I use wool with as little plastic properties as possible, wrapping the blankets in paper and tieing with leftover wool pieces.

The search for more ethical materials is ongoing.

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Make The Little Things Fun

- Make Meal Times Fun -


For me, food is something that's exciting and a wonderful way to bond. Even my own toddler finds it easier to bond with new people when having a meal with them.

I've designed a range of fun, washable place mats, not only with my toddler in mind, but with everyone, making meal times more fun!



My Crochet blankets are made from 100% Merino wool that has been superwashed so that it's easy to keep clean.


100% Wool

100% Easy to look after

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