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Once upon a time, hiding away in a small Emporium, a tiny little creature of bright orange fluff, shivered a bit against the cold.

New to the world, this little Pheeple wasn't quite sure about this 'snow'.

He shuffled through the Emporium shelves, warily glancing at the light dusting outside the frosty windows.

"It's so beautiful, but why does it have to be so cold?"

he muttered to himself.

Then as if by magic, a sudden fluttering of arms sprang into action on one of the highest shelves, and down floated an odd strand of something red.

The chilly Pheeple watched it fall, until it landed right in front of his feet.

He leaned down to look at it closer, and saw that it was a beautiful, warm, woolly scarf!

He wrapped it tight around his neck, already feeling it's warmth hugging him, and peered up to the highest shelf of the Emporium, but there was no one there.

All he saw was a slight twinkling of light, and what he thought was a glimmer of green.

He shouted up a hearty "Thank you!" anyway, but there was no reply.

So he snuggled into his wonderfully warm scarf, and gazed wonderingly at the beautiful snowflakes falling outside.


- by Rebecca Kemp 2012


The Snowy Pheeple and His Scarf