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Everyone knows the Pheeples are made from dust gathered in corners, bits of lint kept in crevices and fluff found in pockets.


Around the beginning of February each year however, a special little pheeple with appear.

You see, these aren't made from any old bits of fluff and cotton... allow me to explain.


A crime we're all guilty of is buying our spouse, loved one or partner useless presents that are neither wanted nor needed - especially if they are extra-lovey-dovey.

You know the kind, silly teddy bears holding roses, heart shaped cushions and specially made gloves so you can both hold hands inside them.


The pheeples that come into existence around the month of February use the remnants of these long forgotten and discarded presents instead of the usual fluff found in your house.

Unfortunately, because of this, they draw upon the gooey romantic nature of your unwanted romantic tokens and end up being especially soppy little fellows.


Only a few Valentine Pheeples end up coming into existence each year, and they seek to find someone to be amorous with.


It's a sad fact, but pheeples made in the other 11 months of the year would rather play practical jokes on the cat, and put 'knit me' signs on the back of other pheeples than try to be nice, loving and romantic.


If you're after a pheeple with a little more affection to offer, then I think you've found them!


- by Lewis Docherty  2013

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The Valentine Pheeple